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Chapter 12.1-20

Sex Offenses
Section Section Name
12.1-20-01 General provisions
12.1-20-02 Definitions
12.1-20-03 Gross sexual imposition ‑ Penalty
12.1-20-03.1 Continuous sexual abuse of a child
12.1-20-04 Sexual imposition
12.1-20-05 Corruption or solicitation of minors
12.1-20-05.1 Luring minors by computer or other electronic means
12.1-20-06 Sexual abuse of wards
12.1-20-06.1 Sexual exploitation by therapist ‑ Definitions ‑ Penalty
12.1-20-07 Sexual assault
12.1-20-08 Fornication
12.1-20-09 Adultery
12.1-20-10 Unlawful cohabitation
12.1-20-11 Incest
12.1-20-12 Deviate sexual act
12.1-20-12.1 Indecent exposure
12.1-20-12.2 Surreptitious intrusion
12.1-20-12.3 Sexual extortion
12.1-20-13 Bigamy
12.1-20-14 Admissibility of evidence concerning reputation of complaining witness ‑ Gross sexual imposition and sexual imposition
12.1-20-15 Credibility of complaining witness attacked ‑ Procedure
12.1-20-15.1 Admissibility of evidence of victim's manner of dress in sex offense cases
12.1-20-16 Appointment of a guardian ad litem in prosecution for sex offenses
12.1-20-17 Transfer of body fluid that may contain the human immunodeficiency virus ‑ Definitions ‑ Defenses ‑ Penalty
12.1-20-18 Definitions
12.1-20-19 Release of sexual offender from place of confinement ‑ Duties of official in charge
12.1-20-20 Duty to register
12.1-20-21 Change of address ‑ Duty to inform
12.1-20-22 Duration of registration
12.1-20-23 Penalty
12.1-20-24 Facilitation of sexual acts in public
12.1-20-25 Sexual offender presence near schools prohibited

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