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Chapter 12.1-08

Obstruction of Law Enforcement - Escape
Section Section Name
12.1-08-01 Physical obstruction of government function
12.1-08-02 Preventing arrest or discharge of other duties
12.1-08-03 Hindering law enforcement
12.1-08-04 Aiding consummation of crime
12.1-08-05 Failure to appear after release ‑ Bail jumping
12.1-08-06 Escape
12.1-08-07 Public servants permitting escape
12.1-08-08 Inciting or leading riot in detention facilities
12.1-08-09 Introducing or possessing contraband useful for escape
12.1-08-10 Harboring a runaway minor ‑ Penalty
12.1-08-11 Refusing to halt

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