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Chapter 12.1-05

Justification - Excuse - Affirmative Defenses
Section Section Name
12.1-05-01 Justification
12.1-05-02 Execution of public duty
12.1-05-03 Self‑defense
12.1-05-04 Defense of others
12.1-05-05 Use of force by persons with parental, custodial, or similar responsibilities
12.1-05-06 Use of force in defense of premises and property
12.1-05-07 Limits on the use of force ‑ Excessive force ‑ Deadly force
12.1-05-07.1 Use of deadly force ‑ Presumption of fear of death or serious bodily injury
12.1-05-07.2 Immunity from civil liability for justifiable use of force
12.1-05-08 Excuse
12.1-05-09 Mistake of law
12.1-05-10 Duress
12.1-05-11 Entrapment
12.1-05-12 Definitions

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