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Chapter 12.1-04

Juveniles - Intoxication - Defenses
Section Section Name
12.1-04-01 Juveniles
12.1-04-02 Intoxication
12.1-04-03 Lack of criminal responsibility a defense
12.1-04-04 Disposition of mentally unfit defendants
12.1-04-05 Notice of defense, filing
12.1-04-06 Examination ‑ Temporary commitment
12.1-04-07 Report ‑ Hearing when contested
12.1-04-08 Suspension or dismissal of proceedings ‑ Referral for services
12.1-04-09 Legal objections to prosecution allowed
12.1-04-10 Acquittal due to mental disease or defect ‑ Petition to clerk of court

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