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Chapter 12.1-04.1

Criminal Responsibility and Post-Trial Responsibility Act
Section Section Name
12.1-04.1-01 Standard for lack of criminal responsibility
12.1-04.1-02 Court authorization of state‑funded mental health services for certain defendants
12.1-04.1-03 Notice of defense of lack of criminal responsibility
12.1-04.1-04 Notice regarding expert testimony on lack of state of mind as element of alleged offense
12.1-04.1-05 Examination at request of prosecuting attorney
12.1-04.1-06 Explanation to defendant
12.1-04.1-07 Scope of examination
12.1-04.1-08 Recording of examination
12.1-04.1-09 Consequence of deliberate failure of defendant to cooperate
12.1-04.1-10 Reports by tier 1a mental health professionals and expert witnesses
12.1-04.1-11 Exchange of reports and production of documents
12.1-04.1-12 Use of reports at trial
12.1-04.1-13 Notice of expert witnesses
12.1-04.1-14 Use of evidence obtained from examination
12.1-04.1-15 Use of recording of examination
12.1-04.1-16 Bifurcation of issue of lack of criminal responsibility
12.1-04.1-17 Jury instruction on disposition following verdict of lack of criminal responsibility
12.1-04.1-18 Form of verdict or finding
12.1-04.1-19 Post‑trial motions and appeal from verdict or finding of not guilty by reason of lack of criminal responsibility
12.1-04.1-20 Jurisdiction of court
12.1-04.1-21 Proceeding following verdict or finding
12.1-04.1-22 Initial order of disposition ‑ Commitment to treatment facility ‑ Conditional release ‑ Discharge
12.1-04.1-23 Terms of commitment ‑ Periodic review of commitment
12.1-04.1-24 Modification of order of commitment ‑ Conditional release or discharge ‑ Release plan
12.1-04.1-25 Conditional release ‑ Modification ‑ Revocation ‑ Discharge
12.1-04.1-26 Procedures

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