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Chapter 9-16

Electronic Transactions
Section Section Name
9-16-01 Definitions
9-16-02 Scope
9-16-03 Prospective application
9-16-04 Use of electronic records and electronic signatures ‑ Variation by agreement
9-16-05 Construction and application
9-16-06 Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic signatures, and electronic contracts
9-16-07 Provision of information in writing ‑ Presentation of records
9-16-08 Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature
9-16-09 Effect of change or error
9-16-10 Notarization and acknowledgment
9-16-11 Retention of electronic records ‑ Originals
9-16-12 Admissibility in evidence
9-16-13 Automated transactions
9-16-14 Time and place of sending and receipt
9-16-15 Transferable records
9-16-16 Creation and retention of electronic records and conversion of written records by governmental agencies
9-16-17 Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by governmental agencies
9-16-18 Interoperability
9-16-19 Signatures and records secured through blockchain technology ‑ Smart contracts ‑ Ownership of information ‑ Definitions

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