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Chapter 9-07

Interpretation of Contract
Section Section Name
9-07-01 Public and private contracts interpreted by same rules
9-07-02 Language of contract governs if clear
9-07-03 Contract interpreted to give effect to mutual intention
9-07-04 Intention ascertained from writing alone if possible
9-07-05 Real intention to govern in cases of fraud, mistake, or accident
9-07-06 Contract interpreted as a whole
9-07-07 Several contracts part of one transaction interpreted together
9-07-08 Contract interpreted so it may be carried into effect
9-07-09 Words to be interpreted in ordinary sense
9-07-10 Interpretation of technical words
9-07-11 What law governs
9-07-12 Contract explained by reference to circumstances
9-07-13 Contract extends only to things to be covered
9-07-14 Interpreted as promisor believed promisee understood it
9-07-15 Clauses subordinate to general intent
9-07-16 Written part of contract controls printed part
9-07-17 Repugnancies reconciled with intent
9-07-18 Inconsistent words rejected
9-07-19 Uncertainty interpreted against party causing it ‑ Presumption as to cause
9-07-20 Stipulations necessary to make contract reasonable implied
9-07-21 Things incidental to contract ‑ When and when not implied
9-07-22 Rules governing time of performance when not specified
9-07-23 When time is essence of contract

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