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Chapter 9-03

Section Section Name
9-03-01 Requisites of consent
9-03-02 Absence of free consent ‑ Effect
9-03-03 What renders apparent consent not free
9-03-04 When consent deemed voidable
9-03-05 Duress defined
9-03-06 Menace defined
9-03-07 Fraud classified
9-03-08 Actual fraud defined
9-03-09 Constructive fraud defined
9-03-10 Actual fraud is question of fact
9-03-11 Undue influence defined
9-03-12 Mistake classified
9-03-13 Mistake of fact defined
9-03-14 Mistake of law defined
9-03-15 Mistake of foreign laws
9-03-16 Mutual consent defined
9-03-17 Communication of consent
9-03-18 Mode of communication of acceptance
9-03-19 When consent communicated
9-03-20 Acts constituting acceptance
9-03-21 Acceptance must be absolute
9-03-22 When proposal revocable
9-03-23 How proposal may be revoked
9-03-24 Ratification as consent
9-03-25 Acceptance of benefit equivalent to consent

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