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Chapter 8-10

Common Carriers of Messages
Section Section Name
8-10-01 Telegraph company must maintain sufficient equipment
8-10-02 Order of transmission and delivery of telegraph messages
8-10-03 Order of transmission of messages other than telegraph
8-10-04 Damages when message is refused or delayed
8-10-05 Messages transmitted promptly
8-10-06 Transfer of messages
8-10-07 Unlawful use of telegraph or telephone lines
8-10-07.1 Telephone calls with intent to annoy ‑ Misdemeanor
8-10-07.2 Unlawful use of telecommunications devices ‑ Penalty
8-10-07.3 Unlawful publication of telecommunications credit card numbers or codes
8-10-08 Injury to telephone and telegraph lines
8-10-09 Disclosing telegraph and telephone messages ‑ Penalty
8-10-10 Secreting telegraphic dispatch
8-10-11 Interruption of telecommunications in kidnapping or hostage emergency ‑ Duty of telecommunications company to assist ‑ Prohibited communications ‑ Penalty
8-10-12 Exemption from liability for interruption of telephone communications

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