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Chapter 3-02

Principal and Agent Relation
Section Section Name
3-02-01 Acts done by or to agent
3-02-02 Actual or ostensible authority
3-02-03 Agent authority
3-02-04 Authority limited to specific terms
3-02-05 General authority limited
3-02-06 Form of authorization
3-02-07 Fraud limits authority
3-02-08 Authority to do necessary acts and make representations
3-02-09 When agent may disobey instructions
3-02-10 Authority to warrant property sold
3-02-11 Authority of general and special agent to receive price
3-02-12 Agent must inform principal ‑ Not exceed authority
3-02-13 When agent can delegate powers
3-02-14 Lawful subagent principal's agent
3-02-15 Responsibility of mere agent or unauthorized subagent
3-02-16 Duty of agent as collector of negotiable instrument
3-02-17 Limitation of duties of licensed real estate agents

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