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Taxation Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(13 members)

1015 § 45 Study the fiscal impact of providing a sales tax exemption for raw materials critical to the manufacturing process used to support biologic product generation, product impurity removal, chemical or physical product alteration, and analysis of in-process to final deliverable products.

2299 § 1 Study the desirability and feasibility of providing a credit against the purchase of a motor vehicle in an amount not to exceed the total amount the person received for the private sale of the vehicle being replaced for purpose of calculating the motor vehicle excise tax. The study must include a review of the current law applied to credits for trade-ins, motor vehicle sale industry practices, vehicles of a certain age, and the potential fiscal and technological impact on the state. The study also must consider the potential for tax fraud, the effect on child support collections, and implications regarding consumer protection. The study also must include input from the Tax Commissioner and Department of Transportation.

Receive an annual report from the Department of Commerce's Division of Community Services on renaissance zone progress. (NDCC § 40-63-03(2))

Receive an annual report from the Department of Commerce compiling reports from cities that have a renaissance zone included in a tax increment financing district. (NDCC § 40-63-03(10))

Study economic development tax incentives as provided in NDCC Section 54-35-26. (NDCC § 54-35-26)

Receive the compilation and summary of state grantor reports filed annually by the Department of Commerce and the reports of state agencies that award business incentives for the previous calendar year. (NDCC § 54-60.1-07)

Receive a report from the Tax Commissioner, by April 1 of each year, of a statewide report of property tax increase. (NDCC § 57‑20‑04)