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Judiciary Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(19 members)

1003 § 27 Study the economic and societal impacts of gambling addiction in the state. The study must include a review of the trend of gambling addiction since the expansion of electronic pull tab gambling in the state, state funding provided for gambling addiction and disorder prevention and treatment, support programs for individuals and families affected by gambling addiction, and use of net proceeds for eligible organizations.

1036 § 1 Study the juvenile justice process and collaborate with the Commission on Juvenile Justice. The study must include a review of the effective intervention, resources, and services for children.

1254 § 1 Study the types of spousal support ordered by the district court and the desirability and feasibility of providing statutory guidance for awards of spousal support. The study must include input from practicing attorneys in the area of family law and the division of child support. The study must include a review of the frequency and duration of spousal support awards that are entered in the state.

2282 § 1 Study the membership of the Board of University and School Lands and the membership of the Industrial Commission. The study must include consideration of potential conflicts of interest relating to the memberships, possible changes to the composition of the memberships of the Board of University and School Lands and the Industrial Commission, and possible changes to Article IX of the Constitution of North Dakota.

2258 § 1 Study, in collaboration with the Commission on Juvenile Justice, the necessity of licensing shelter care programs for runaway, homeless, and former foster care youth and the ability of these youth to access temporary shelter. The study must include a review of the current barriers, effective intervention, and necessary resources and services.

3021 Study the factors contributing to the nation's current firearm and ammunition shortage and the impact the shortage has had on the quality of life for North Dakota citizens. The Legislative Management shall develop a plan of action to resolve the state's current firearm and ammunition shortage.

Statutory and constitutional revision.

Receive a report from the Attorney General by November 1 of each year summarizing activity of any civilly forfeited property. (NDCC § 19-03.1-36.8(4))

By November 1st of each year, the Attorney General shall submit to the Legislative Management and the Governor a written report summarizing activity in the state for the preceding fiscal year, the type, approximate value, and disposition of any civilly forfeited property, and the amount of proceeds received. Summary data and civilly forfeited property must be disaggregated by agency. The Attorney General shall make the report available on the Attorney General's website. The report must include the case reports provided by the law enforcement agencies. (NDCC § 19-03.1-36.8)

Receive annual reports from the State Department of Health on the number of applications, registered qualifying patients, registered designated caregivers, registered compassion center agents, nature or debilitating medical conditions, identification cards revoked, health care providers providing written certifications, compassion centers; expenses incurred and revenues generated by the department, and data for statistical purposes in a manner so that an individual person is not identifiable. (NDCC § 19-24.1-39)

Before July 1st of each year, the Supreme Court shall submit a report on the status of the program to assist rural counties and municipalities in recruiting attorneys the Legislative Management. (NDCC § 24-02.2-13)

Receive a report before July 1st of each even-numbered year from Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Juvenile Court, and the Indian Affairs Commission on the status, effectiveness, performance, and sustainability of a memorandum of understanding established under this section. (NDCC § 27-20-61)

Receive report from the Department of Human Services before March 1 of each even-numbered year on services provided by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation relating to individuals at the State Hospital who have been committed to the care and custody of the Executive Director of the Department of Human Services. (NDCC § 50-06-31)

Receive biennial report from the Racing Commission and recommendations for legislation which address the issue of the liability of charitable organizations that receive and disburse money handled through account wagering. (NDCC § 53-06.2-04)

Receive report, as requested, from the Director of the North Dakota Lottery regarding the operation of the lottery. (NDCC § 53‑12.1‑03)

Review any executive order issued by the President of the United States which has not been affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law, and recommend to the Attorney General and the Governor that the executive order be further reviewed. Upon recommendation from the Legislative Management, the Attorney General shall review the executive order to determine the constitutionality of the order and whether the state should seek an exemption from the order or seek to have the order declared to be an unconstitutional exercise of legislative authority by the President. (NDCC § 54-03-32)

Review uniform laws recommended by the Commission on Uniform State Laws. (NDCC § 54-35-02)

Receive annual report from the Director of the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents containing pertinent data on the indigent defense contract system and established public defender offices. (NDCC § 54-61-03)

Receive an annual report from the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children before July 1 of each even-numbered year with any findings and recommendations. Before July 1, 2024, the task force shall submit a final report. (2019 S.L. ch. 398, § 1)

During the 2021-22 interim, the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents shall report to the Legislative Management by July 1, 2022, regarding actual costs incurred to date and expected costs to be incurred for the 2021-23 biennium to provide legal counsel and related services to indigent juveniles; actual costs incurred to date and expected costs to be incurred for the 2021‑23 biennium to provide legal counsel and related services to nonindigent juveniles; and any amounts collected from those financially able to pay all or part of the cost of providing legal counsel and related services for juveniles. (2021 House Bill No. 1035 § 46)