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Energy Development and Transmission Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(12 members)

1159 § 1 Study natural gas and propane infrastructure development in the state. The study must include consideration of the current infrastructure available for natural gas and propane, challenges related to the development of natural gas and propane infrastructure, community needs for natural gas and propane infrastructure, and a cost-benefit analysis of any state incentives to encourage the development of natural gas and propane infrastructure.

1455 § 2 Study the need, cost, effect, and appropriate process for bonding and ensuring reclamation of coal conversion facilities. The study must include an examination and assessment of the methods and amounts of financial assurance and schedules, the interaction of economics and the statutes, rules, and policies relating to the remaining useful life and early retirement of coal conversion facilities, the role of the Public Service Commission in all electrical generation retirement, and the appropriate involvement of the public and local communities and political subdivisions in the retirement process. The study also must evaluate the effectiveness of government programs and incentives relating to energy production, reliability, and the state's role in that process.

2217 § 1 Study deductions for postproduction costs under oil and gas leases. The study must include consideration of the methods used to calculate the value of oil and gas, the point of sale used to determine the value, oil and gas sales in the absence of an arm's-length contract, any deductions or incentives applied to the value, and the methods used to report any deductions or incentives on mineral royalty statements; input from representatives from the oil and gas industry, representatives from an organization representing royalty owners, the Department of Mineral Resources, the Department of Trust Lands, and the Attorney General's office; and an analysis and review of state-mandated natural gas capture targets, federal land permitting restrictions, the effectiveness of using onsite flare mitigation technologies and the infrastructure necessary to enhancing oil and natural gas value. The study may include consideration of the desirability and feasibility of expanding the use and market access of natural gas, including value-added energy opportunities within the state.

Receive a report annually by the State Energy Research Center on all research activities and accomplishments. (NDCC § 15‑11‑40)

Receive written report from the North Dakota Transmission Authority each biennium. (NDCC § 17-05-13)

Receive biennial report from the Energy Policy Commission and its recommendations to the state energy policy. (NDCC § 17‑07‑01)

Receive, along with the Governor, report from the Industrial Commission in December 2014 and every 4 years thereafter discussing whether the amount in the carbon dioxide storage facility trust fund and fees being paid into the fund are sufficient to satisfy the fund's objectives. (NDCC § 38-22-15)

Receive a biennial report from the High-Level Radioactive Waste Advisory Council. (NDCC § 38-23-08)

Receive biennial report from the North Dakota Pipeline Authority on its activities. (NDCC § 54-17.7-13)

Study the impact of a comprehensive energy policy for the state and the development of each facet of the energy industry from the obtaining of the raw natural resource to the sale of the final product in this state, other states, and other countries. (NDCC § 54-35-18)

Receive annual report from the operator of a coal conversion facility that receives a carbon dioxide capture credit for certain coal conversion facilities regarding the facility's carbon dioxide capture project. (NDCC § 57-60-02.1)

Each biennium, the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority shall provide a written report to the Legislative Management regarding its activities and the program's financial impact on state revenues and the state's economy. (2021 House Bill No. 1452 § 3)

During the 2021-22 interim, the Energy and Environmental Research Center shall provide quarterly reports to the Industrial Commission and at least one report to the Legislative Management regarding the results and recommendations of the underground energy storage study. (2021 Senate Bill No. 2014 § 14)

During the 2021-22 interim, the Energy and Environmental Research Center shall provide at least one report to the Legislative Management regarding the study on development and implementation of hydrogen energy in the state. (2021 Senate Bill No. 2014 § 15)

By September 1, 2022, receive a report from the Department of Environmental Quality regarding carbon reduction initiatives, rules, or policies that will affect North Dakota residents and industries and the Department of Environmental Quality shall consider, review, and report, as appropriate, technologies, operational practices, and conservation opportunities directed at reducing the state's carbon intensity. (2021 Senate Bill No. 2024 § 7)

Receive a report from the Insurance Commissioner regarding the availability, cost, and risks associated with insurance coverage in the lignite coal industry. The study must include consideration of whether the current insurance market adequately or appropriately calculates the risk factors specifically connected to the coal industry and whether there is a need for a state-based insurance product that insures against current risk factors at an appropriate cost. (2021 Senate Bill No. 2287 § 1)