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Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee

Interim Committee Studies and Assignments

(19 members)

Receive annual audit report from the State Fair Association (NDCC § 4.1-45-17)

Receive electronic copy of audit report from the North Dakota Stockmen's Association at least once every 2 years (NDCC § 4.1-72-08)

Receive annual audit report from a corporation receiving an ethanol or methanol production subsidy (NDCC § 10-19.1-152)

Receive report on writeoff of patients' accounts at the Life Skills and Transition Center (NDCC § 25-04-17)

Receive annual audited financial statement and report from the North Dakota low-risk incentive fund (NDCC § 26.1-50-05)

Receive annual audit report from a limited partnership receiving an ethanol alcohol or methanol production subsidy (NDCC § 45-10.2-115)

Receive annual report from the Department of Human Services on writeoff of recipients' or patients' accounts (NDCC § 50-06.3-08)

Receive report of biennial performance audit of the divisions of Job Service North Dakota (NDCC § 52-02-18)

Approve the State Auditor's hiring of a consultant to assist with conducting a performance audit of a state agency (NDCC § 54-10-01)

Preapprove the State Auditor to contract for work required by the federal government (NDCC § 54‑10‑01)

Preapprove performance audits on state agencies determined by the State Auditor (NDCC § 54‑10‑01)

Determine frequency of audits of state agencies (NDCC § 54-10-01)

Determine necessary performance audits by the State Auditor (NDCC § 54-10-01)

Determine when the State Auditor is to perform audits of political subdivisions (NDCC § 54-10-13)

Order the State Auditor to audit or review the accounts of any political subdivision (NDCC § 54-10-15)

Study and review audit reports submitted by the State Auditor (NDCC § 54-35-02.2)