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Sixty-fifth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Casper

Primary Sponsor

SB 2212
Relating to residency requirements of bank directors.
SB 2213
Relating to annual reports of professional organizations.
SB 2214
Relating to the requirement of a social security number or internal revenue service taxpayer identification number on uniform commercial code and secured transaction records.
SB 2260
Relating to exemptions from money broker regulation.
SB 2266
A BILL for an Act to provide for a study by the office of management and budget, the department of financial institutions, and the securities department; and to provide a report to legislative management.
SB 2267
Relating to the authority of the insurance commissioner to investigate health insurers.
SB 2300
Relating to aggravated assault of a peace officer; and to provide a penalty.
SB 2343
Relating to campaign disclosure statements and use of campaign contributions; to amend and reenact sections 16.1‑08.1‑01, 16.1‑08.1‑02.1, 16.1‑08.1‑03.1, 16.1‑08.1‑03.2, 16.1‑08.1‑03.3, and 16.1‑08.1‑03.5, subsection 3 of section 16.1‑08.1‑05, and subsection 5 of section 16.1‑12‑02.2 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to definitions and campaign disclosure statements; to repeal sections 16.1‑08.1‑02, 16.1‑08.1‑03, 16.1‑08.1‑03.8, 16.1‑08.1‑03.9, 16.1‑08.1‑03.10, 16.1‑08.1‑03.11, 16.1‑08.1‑03.12, 16.1‑08.1‑03.13, and 16.1‑08.1‑04 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to campaign disclosure statements; to provide a penalty; to provide for application; and to provide an effective date.
SCR 4008
A concurrent resolution urging the federal government to refrain from enacting regulations that threaten the reliability and affordability of electric power in North Dakota and to increase its support for research, development, and deployment for next generation carbon‑based energy generation.

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Total Bills Introduced —48