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Sixty-fifth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Devlin

Primary Sponsor

HB 1256
Relating to regulation of dental therapists; to amend and reenact sections 43‑20‑01.1, 43‑20‑01.3, 43‑20‑01.4, 43‑20‑02.1, 43‑20‑05, 43‑20‑06, 43‑20‑08, 43‑20‑10, 43‑20‑11, 43‑20‑12.2, 43‑28‑03, 43‑28‑04, and 43‑28‑06 and subsection 9 of section 43‑28‑18 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the regulation of dental therapists; to provide for reports; and to provide for application.
HB 1345
Relating to open record and meeting laws; to amend and reenact subsection 11 of section 12.1‑34‑02, section 12.1‑35‑03, subsection 9 of section 44‑04‑17.1, subsections 2, 4, and 7 of section 44‑04‑18, subsection 2 of section 44‑04‑18.1, subsection 6 of section 44‑04‑18.7, section 44‑04‑18.20, subsections 5, 6, and 9 of section 44‑04‑19.1, subsections 3 and 5 of section 44‑04‑20, section 44‑04‑21.1, and subsection 4 of section 57‑40.6‑07 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to open record and meeting laws; and to declare an emergency.
HCR 3026
A concurrent resolution requesting the Legislative Management to consider studying the membership and state supervision of the state's occupational and professional licensing boards in order to retain antitrust law immunity.

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Total Bills Introduced —13