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2017 Standing Committee Hearing Schedules

Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Updated 11:00PM on August 17, 2017

January 03, 2017 to April 27, 2017

Transportation  (Sen.  Laffen, Lonnie J.) Lewis and Clark Room
Hearing Date Time Bill/Res.No Sub-Comm Description/Note
01/05 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee organization and orientation
  09:30 AM    SB 2045 Extraordinary road use fee charges (Legislative Management)
  11:00 AM    SB 2109 Agreements with tribal governments (Department of Transportation)
  01:00 PM    SB 2108 Revoked or suspended operator's license (Department of Transportation)
01/06 09:00 AM    SB 2123 Operator's license renewal (Department of Transportation)
  09:30 AM    SB 2122 Preventing nonresident, nonlicensed individuals from driving (Department of Transportation)
01/12 09:00 AM    SB 2126 Relating to a minor's application for an operator's license and liability for the negligence of a minor.
  09:30 AM    SB 2057 Relating to speed limitations on multilane interstate highways.
  10:30 AM    SCR 4005 A concurrent resolution urging the Legislative Management to study the state's public transportation funding for individuals with disabilities.
  02:00 PM    Committee Work Joint meeting with House Transportation in the Pioneer Room. Informational meeting with DOT/Transportation.
01/19 09:00 AM    SB 2167 relating to the adoption of central standard time; and relating to daylight saving time.
  10:00 AM    SB 2197 Relating to highway improvement contracts to be advertised; and relating to contracts for road construction.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/26 08:30 AM    SB 2237 relating to the central management system for state owned licensed motor vehicles.
  09:00 AM    SB 2204 relating to the creation of a statewide interoperability radio network fund and surcharges assessed for certain traffic violations; and to provide a continuing appropriation.
  09:30 AM    SB 2239 relating to annual inspections for watercraft for hire.
  10:00 AM    SB 2278 relating to the obstruction of a highway.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee work.
  02:00 PM    SB 2247 relating to the prohibition against parking meters.
  02:30 PM    Committee Work Committee work.
01/27 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee work.
02/02 10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee work.
02/03 10:00 AM    SB 2341 Relating to requiring mud flaps on certain vehicles; relating to moving violations and preventing sifting or leaking loads; and to provide a penalty.
02/09 09:00 AM    HB 1110 relating to cooperative agreements with private entities for the construction of certain items on the state highway system.
  10:00 AM    HB 1133 relating to the exemption of a class A commercial driver's licenseholder from the hazardous materials endorsement; and to declare an emergency.
  02:00 PM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/10 09:00 AM    HB 1111 relating to agreements with the metro flood diversion authority; and to declare an emergency.
  09:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/16 09:00 AM    HB 1102 Relating to off-highway vehicle out-of-state registration; and to provide a penalty.
03/02 09:00 AM    HB 1159 Relating to clearly displaying letters and numbers on motor vehicle plates.
  10:00 AM    HB 1346 Relating to the display of number plates on a motorcycle.
03/03 09:00 AM    HB 1241 Relating to the minimum age required to operate an off highway vehicle.
03/09 09:30 AM    HB 1128 Relating to operator's license and nondriver identification card criteria, license renewals, notice of change of address or name, and the application for commercial driver's license.
  10:30 AM    HB 1352 Relating to custody and disposition of abandoned motor vehicles and deposit of funds; to provide for a continuing appropriation; and to declare an emergency.
  02:15 PM    HB 1211 Relating to parking spaces for mobility-impaired individuals.
  02:30 PM    HB 1217 Relating to aircraft registration.
03/10 09:00 AM    HB 1323 Relating to child restraint devices and use of safety belts for children.
03/16 09:00 AM    HB 1430 Relating to fees for a moving violation and the use of a wireless communication device while driving; and to provide a penalty.
  10:00 AM    HB 1249 Relating to regulation of transportation network companies.
  10:30 AM    HB 1311 Relating to the amount of statutory fees for littering on the highway; and to provide a penalty.
  02:15 PM    HB 1255 Relating to the creation of a large truck primary highway network and the permitting of increased vehicle weights.
  02:45 PM    HB 1288 Relating to an annual permit for oversized vehicles; to provide for an effective date; and to provide for an expiration date.
  03:15 PM    HB 1320 Relating to a uniform truck permitting system for oversized or overweight vehicles and local authority to limit use of vehicles on highways; and to provide a penalty.
03/17 09:00 AM    HB 1299 Relating to the expiration of an operator's license; and to provide for an application.
  09:30 AM    HB 1328 Relating to surrendering driver's license, mailing of temporary operator's permit, and venue of administrative hearings.
  10:00 AM    HB 1129 Relating to hearing requirements for commercial vehicles and for commercial and noncommercial driver's licenses.
  10:30 AM    HB 1321 Relating to weight limitations and the movement of agricultural products during harvest.
03/23 09:00 AM    HB 1202 Relating to the operation and regulation of autonomous vehicles.
  09:30 AM    HB 1394 Relating to autonomous vehicle data ownership.
  10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/24 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/30 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work.
  02:30 PM    Committee Work Committee Work

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