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2017 Standing Committee Hearing Schedules

Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Updated 11:00PM on August 17, 2017

January 03, 2017 to April 27, 2017

Government and Veterans Affairs  (Sen.  Poolman, Nicole) Sheyenne River Room
Hearing Date Time Bill/Res.No Sub-Comm Description/Note
01/05 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee organization and orientation
  09:15 AM    SCR 4002 Constitutional amendment regarding the State Hospital (Legislative Management)
  09:45 AM    SB 2049 Aeronautics Commission excise tax and fuel tax (Aeronautics Commission)
  10:30 AM    SB 2050 Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (Information Technology Department)
  11:00 AM    SB 2053 Retirement system changes (Public Employees Retirement System)
  01:00 PM    SB 2051 Distributions from the breeders' fund (Racing Commission)
01/06 09:00 AM    SB 2104 Mandatory provisions of information and confidentiality (Information Technology Department)
  09:45 AM    SB 2124 Achieving a better life experience plan (Bank of North Dakota)
01/12 09:00 AM    SB 2097 Relating to the powers of the highway patrol to promote public trust and relating to the contents of badges issued to patrolmen, interstate permits, and public security personnel possessing dangerous weapons.
  09:15 AM    SB 2107 Relating to health insurance coverage for national guard service members and relating to pay and benefits of national guard members; and to declare an emergency.
  09:45 AM    SB 2110 Relating to hazardous chemical preparedness and response program fees and fines.
  10:15 AM    Recess Break
  10:30 AM    SB 2046 Relating to the establishment of a pilot program for providing state services to juveniles adjudicated in tribal court; to provide for a report to legislative management; and to provide an expiration date.
01/13 09:00 AM    SB 2102 Relating to the commissioner of university and school lands.
  09:30 AM    SB 2135 To provide for the creation of an initiated and referred measure study commission; to provide for a report to the legislative management; and to provide an appropriation.
  10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/19 09:00 AM    SB 2165 Relating to resignations from elected positions.
  09:15 AM    SB 2172 Relating to licensure and regulation of speech language pathology assistants; and relating to the state board of examiners on audiology and speech language pathology.
  09:45 AM    SB 2175 Relating to eligible uses of net proceeds by licensed gaming organizations.
  10:00 AM    SB 2183 Relating to the conferment of a veterans commemorative memorial coin; and to provide an appropriation to the department of veterans' affairs.
01/20 09:00 AM    SB 2181 Relating to conducting a raffles using a random number generator.
  09:30 AM    SB 2195 Relating to exempting donor records from public disclosure under open records laws.
  09:45 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/26 09:00 AM    SB 2265 Relating to qualifications of land surveyor interns; and relating to regulation of land surveyors and land surveyor interns
  09:30 AM    SB 2145 Relating to certification of delegates to the United States convention of the states.
  10:00 AM    Recess Break
  10:15 AM    SCR 4006 A concurrent resolution making a formal application to Congress to call a countermand amendment convention for the sole purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution to provide states a process to collectively countermand or repeal any federal law or ruling.
  11:00 AM    SB 2267 Relating to the authority of the insurance commissioner to investigate health insurers.
01/27 09:00 AM    SB 2210 Relating to the commissioner of combative sports.
  09:15 AM    SB 2224 To provide appropriations to the office of management and budget for community service supervision grants; and to provide legislative intent.
  09:45 AM    SB 2255 Relating to bill introduction limits.
  10:00 AM    SB 2261 Relating to the organization of political parties and caucuses within legislative districts.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/02 09:00 AM    SB 2334 Relating to the designation of memorial hall.
  09:10 AM    SB 2287 Relating to the display of Indian nation flags at certain locations in the state capitol.
  09:30 AM    SB 2337 Relating to cultural competency training for legislators.
  09:45 AM    SB 2323 Relating to prohibiting reimbursement of expenses of legislators for attendance at conferences; and relating to compensation of members of the legislative assembly.
  10:00 AM    SB 2343 Relating to a prohibition on using campaign funds for personal use; relating to reports of expenditures related to political activities; and to provide a penalty.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/03 09:00 AM    SB 2329 Relating to private investigative services by armed personnel.
  09:30 AM    SB 2339 Relating to state agency procurement of research services.
  10:00 AM    SB 2336 Relating to contributions to and expenditures of campaigns for initiated or referred measures.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/09 09:00 AM    SCR 4009 A concurrent resolution requesting the Legislative Management to consider studying the formation of an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission for the decennial redrawing of legislative district boundaries in North Dakota.
  09:30 AM    SB 2255 Relating to bill introduction limits.
  09:45 AM    HB 1104 Relating to the governor's authority to call out the national guard.
  10:00 AM    HB 1109 Relating to the operation of the North Dakota national guard.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/10 09:00 AM    HB 1090 Relating to bids and proposals received by public entities, notification of nonapplicability of veteran's preference, electronic ballot submission, long distance tolls, salary compensation comparison records, state personnel board vacancy filling procedures, secret ballot election rules, and reports
  09:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/16 09:00 AM    HB 1088 Relating to data breach response and remediation costs.
  09:30 AM    HB 1108 Relating to the availability of records involving security and cyber attacks.
  10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/02 09:00 AM    HB 1149 Relating to audits of occupational and professional boards.
  09:15 AM    HB 1251 To provide for a legislative management study of the creation of an inmate housing construction program.
  09:30 AM    HB 1406 Relating to public employee uniform group health insurance benefits; to provide for application; and to declare an emergency.
  09:45 AM    HB 1407 Relating to the term of the public employee uniform group insurance contract for health benefits coverage; and to provide for application.
  10:00 AM    Recess Break
  10:30 AM    HB 1023 Relating to the public employees retirement board, the public employees retirement system, and the membership of the employee benefits programs committee; and to provide legislative intent. (Brynhild Haugland Room)
03/03 09:00 AM    HB 1148 Relating to a public employee retirement plan for firefighters.
  09:30 AM    HB 1306 Relating to the real estate commission; and to provide for application.
  09:45 AM    HB 1363 Relating to election polling places and filling vacancies in elective offices; and relating to election administration.
  10:00 AM    HB 1362 Relating to campaign finance.
03/09 09:30 AM    HB 1219 Relating to the process for converting manufactured housing to real property.
  10:00 AM    HB 1153 Relating to state employee recruitment and retention bonus programs.
  10:30 AM    HB 1173 Relating to the powers and duties of the legislative audit and fiscal review committee.
  11:00 AM    HB 1234 Relating to prohibiting campaign contributions from and expenditures by foreign nationals.
  11:30 AM    HB 1330 Relating to the membership of the legislative management; and to declare an emergency.
03/10 09:00 AM    HB 1031 Relating to authorization to purchase or lease aircraft.
  09:30 AM    HB 1305 Relating to the form and style of statutes governing airport authorities; and relating to airport authorities.
  10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/16 09:00 AM    HCR 3006 A concurrent resolution calling for a convention for the purpose of amending the United States Constitution to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
  10:30 AM    HB 1189 Relating to exceptions to bidding thresholds for state building projects.
  11:00 AM    HB 1397 Relating to the introduction of bills by executive branch agencies and the judicial branch.
  11:30 AM    HB 1431 Relating to the legislative ethics committee.
03/17 09:00 AM    HB 1369 Relating to identification and residency requirements for electors and identification cards; and relating to qualifications of electors, responsibilities of election officials before issuing ballots, elector identification requirements, and operator's licenses; and to provide a penalty.
  09:30 AM    HB 1303 To prohibit state agencies from filling vacant employee positions; to provide for a report; and to declare an emergency.
  10:00 AM    HB 1200 To provide for a legislative management study of the amount of state office space leased by state agencies compared to the cost of building additional office space on the capitol grounds and the capitol complex master plan.
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/23 10:00 AM    HCR 3024 A concurrent resolution declaring June 27, 2017, and each June 27 thereafter, as "Posttraumatic Stress Injury Awareness Day" and the month of June 2017, and each June thereafter, as "Posttraumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month".
  10:30 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/30 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
04/03 10:30 AM    HB 1436 Relating to the employee benefits program committee, public employee uniform group insurance health benefits coverage, and to provide for a retirement board line of credit; to provide a continuing appropriation; to provide for application; and to provide statements of legislative intent.
04/10 11:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work

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