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2017 Standing Committee Hearing Schedules

Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Updated 11:00PM on August 17, 2017

January 03, 2017 to April 27, 2017

Energy and Natural Resources  (Sen.  Unruh, Jessica) Fort Lincoln Room
Hearing Date Time Bill/Res.No Sub-Comm Description/Note
01/05 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee organization and orientation
  09:15 AM    SB 2047 Water resource boards quick take eminent domain (Legislative Management)
  10:00 AM    SB 2056 Use of crossbows in bow hunting season (Sen. Sorvaag)
  11:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
  01:00 PM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/06 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/12 09:00 AM    SB 2134 Relating to the ownership of minerals inundated by Pick-Sloan Missouri basin project dams.
01/13 09:00 AM    SCR 4004 A concurrent resolution to urge Congress to allow and support the use of thorium reactors in this state for the creation of energy and medical isotopes.
01/19 09:00 AM    SB 2155 Relating to hunting with an airbow, prohibiting hunting with an airbow while intoxicated, and testing airbow hunters for intoxicating substances
01/20 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
01/26 09:00 AM    SB 2227 Relating to nonresident waterfowl hunting licenses.
  09:30 AM    SB 2259 Relating to nonresident waterfowl hunting licenses.
01/27 09:00 AM    SB 2252 Relating to items eligible for the oil & gas gross production tax.
  09:30 AM    SB 2284 Relating to agent fees for distribution of hunting licenses
02/02 09:00 AM    SB 2228 Relating to deer and wild turkey hunting licenses for veterans receiving hunting expeditions from a non profit organization.
  09:30 AM    SB 2226 Relating to hunter education requirements for veterans; and amend sections relating to hunter education requirements from a nonprofit organization
  10:00 AM    SB 2282 Relating to the use of scopes on muzzle loading firearms for individuals over 65 years old.
  10:30 AM    SB 2308 Relating to identification of fish houses and coyote snares.
02/03 09:00 AM    SB 2225 Relating to criminal trespass and hunting on private land; relating to the posting of lands. (B Haugland Room)
02/09 09:00 AM    SB 2314 Relating to energy rates and resources and renewable energy production.
  09:30 AM    SB 2313 Relating to application requirements for certificates for site & corridor compatibility for energy conversion facilities; relate to the creation & duration of wind energy easements,decommissioning of commercial wind energy conversion facilities;exclusion areas for wind energy for conversion facility
  10:00 AM    SB 2333 Relating to reclamation requirements for land distribution by oil and gas activity.
  10:30 AM    SB 2318 Relating to the opening date of pheasant season.
  02:00 PM    SB 2286 Relating to energy conversion and transmission facility siting.
02/10 09:00 AM    SB 2236 Relating to the pipeline restoration and reclamation oversight program and records of program participants.
  09:30 AM    SB 2327 The creation of the dept of environmental quality & transfer of duties and responsibilities of the dept of health relating to environmental quality to the dept of environmental quality; provide penalty; provide a continuing appropriation; provide transition; and provide an effective date.
02/16 09:00 AM    SB 2270 Relating to financing options for the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District and notice of assessments.
  09:30 AM    SCR 4008 Urging the federal government to refrain from enacting regulations that threaten the reliability & affordability of electric power in ND and to increase its support for research, development & deployment for the next generation carbon-based energy generation.
  02:00 PM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/17 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/02 09:00 AM    HB 1025 Relating to authorization for issuance of special allocation hunting licenses; and to declare an emergency.
  09:30 AM    HB 1150 Relating to bonus or preference points awarded to participants in lotteries for hunting licenses.
  10:00 AM    HB 1204 Relating to youth hunting and the protection of bald eagles.
  10:30 AM    HB 1207 Relating to the disposition of property abandoned in certain public lands; and to declare an emergency.
  02:00 PM    HB 1378 Relating to aircraft detection lighting systems on wind generators.
03/03 09:00 AM    HB 1374 Relating to contracts & financial assistance for water projects & duties of the state engineer; relating to definitions of types of financial assistance for water projects & the composition & operation of the state water commission.
  09:30 AM    HCR 3020 Urging Congress & the President of the US to allow the continuation of the Garrison Diversion project canal system to aid the delivery of water to the Red River Valley.
  10:00 AM    HCR 3021 Urging Congress and the President to fulfill federal government's promises to ND, allow utilizing of the Garrison Diversion Unit facilities, including the McClusky Canal & Snake Creek pumping plant, as water supply for eastern & central ND, irrigation,etc.& not deauthorize/repurpose any part of unit
  10:30 AM    HB 1367 Relating to personal watercraft & towing an individual on water skies or similar devices; to provide a penalty.
03/09 09:30 AM    HB 1336 To provide for limitations of penalties for environmental audits.
  10:00 AM    HB 1398 Relating to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission.
  10:30 AM    HB 1181 Relating to termination of wind option agreements; wind easements, and wind energy leases.
  11:00 AM    HCR 3010 Recognizing the efforts undertaken & the continued need for ND & the entire US to undertake responsible measures to harden our commercial electrical grid against multiple serious threats.
  02:00 PM    HB 1151 Relating to the reporting of well pad or oil gas production facility fluid spills.
  02:30 PM    HCR 3019 Directing the US Dept. of the Interior to exercise nondiscrimination in pubic land management & return the land no longer required for Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Project dam at Lake Sakakawea to the citizens of the United States.
03/10 09:00 AM    HB 1300 Relating to agencies exempt from the definition of administrative agency.
  09:30 AM    HB 1409 Relating to well water testing preceding subsurface mineral production & liability for damages to water supplies.
  10:00 AM    HB 1144 Relating to gas & liquid energy conversion, gas & liquid transmission facility siting, & combining application; relating to energy conversion short title & route adjustment before or during construction for gas or liquid transmission line; to provide a continuing appropriation; provide a penalty.
  10:15 AM    HB 1257 Relating to approval requirements for utilization plans.
  10:45 AM    HB 1419 To provide an appropriation for a firearm safety program.
03/16 09:00 AM    HCR 3027 Directing the Legislative Management to consider studying the estimated fiscal impact to the state of refracturing existing oil wells.
  09:15 AM    HCR 3031 Requesting the Legislative Management to consider studying the provision of natural gas service to underserved communities in ND and the means of financing natural gas pipeline infrastructure.
  09:30 AM    HCR 3011 Extending appreciation to the President for expediting the approval of the easement required for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and requesting the federal government reimburse ND for all expenses incurred as a result of the DAPL protests and permitting delays.
03/17 09:00 AM    HB 1199 Relating to the definition of subsurface minerals; relating to the definition of sovereign lands.
  10:00 AM    HB 1244 Relating to the authority of boards of county commissioners to approve the exercise of the power of quick take eminent domain by water resource boards; relating to the authority of water resource boards to exercise the power of quick take eminent domain.
03/23 09:00 AM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK
  02:00 PM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK
03/24 09:00 AM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK
03/30 09:00 AM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK
  02:00 PM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK
03/31 09:00 AM    Committee Work COMMITTEE WORK

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