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2017 Standing Committee Hearing Schedules

Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Updated 11:00PM on August 17, 2017

January 03, 2017 to April 27, 2017

Political Subdivisions  (Rep.  Klemin, Lawrence R.) Prairie Room
Hearing Date Time Bill/Res.No Sub-Comm Description/Note
01/05 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee organization and orientation
  09:30 AM    HB 1027 Revises statutory provisions to address Next Generation 9-1-1 (Legislative Management)
  10:30 AM    HB 1105 Definitions of emergency vehicles (Adjutant General)
01/06 09:00 AM    HB 1055 Aggregate total outstanding revenue bond debt (Rep. Zubke)
  10:00 AM    HB 1106 Definitions of disasters and emergencies (Adjutant General)
01/12 09:00 AM    HB 1027 Re-opening HB 1027. Relating to the standards and guidelines for emergency services communications systems and relating to 911 database management charges
  10:00 AM    HB 1089 Relating to advertising sales in parks and recreation publications.
01/13 09:00 AM    HB 1148 Relating to a public employee retirement plan for firefighters.
  10:00 AM    Committee Work Committee work
01/19 09:00 AM    HB 1173 Relating to the powers and duties of the legislative audit and fiscal review committee.
  09:30 AM    HB 1175 Relating to the membership of the state investment board.
  10:00 AM    HB 1205 Relating to raffle permit requirements.
  10:30 AM    HB 1191 Relating to loans for political subdivisions.
01/20 09:00 AM    HB 1186 Relating to disclosure of radon hazards by a seller and to disclosure of radon hazards by a lessor.
  10:00 AM    HB 1188 Relating to disclosure of known radon hazards.
  10:30 AM    HB 1211 Relating to parking spaces for mobility&impaired individuals.
  11:00 AM    HB 1258 Relating to extraterritorial zoning and subdivision and authority to extraterritorial zoning and subdivision authority.
01/26 09:00 AM    HB 1220 Relating to lessor security deposit limitations.
  09:30 AM    HB 1229 Relating to the cost of utility services charged to tenants of a mobile home park; and to provide a penalty.
  10:00 AM    HB 1418 Relating to publishing and preserving statements of interests.
  10:30 AM    HB 1248 Relating to a prosperity states compact.
01/27 09:00 AM    HB 1272 Relating to reasonable accommodations for service animals in rental dwelling units; and to provide a penalty.
  09:30 AM    HB 1384 Relating to abandoned property and relating to the administrator of abandoned property.
  10:00 AM    HB 1290 Relating to bids and plans and specifications for public improvements; and to provide for application.
  10:30 AM    HB 1300 Relating to agencies exempt from the definition of administrative agency.
02/02 09:00 AM    HB 1160 Relating to exempting plumbers from permit requirements for persons who service septic systems.
  10:00 AM    HB 1301 Relating to bonding for the cost of care for animals seized by law enforcement.
  10:30 AM    HB 1316 Relating to notarial acts, notary commissions, and notary public name and address changes
  11:00 AM    HB 1188 Reopen - relating to disclosure of known radon hazards.
02/03 09:00 AM    HB 1364 Relating to the prohibition against parking meters.
  09:30 AM    HB 1380 Relating to the authority of the North Dakota firefighter's association; and to provide for a legislative management study.
  10:00 AM    HB 1280 Relating to distribution of session laws and codes.
  10:30 AM    HB 1393 Relating to assessments by water resource districts
02/09 09:00 AM    HB 1412 Eelating to the membership of the tribal and state relations committee.
  09:30 AM    HB 1385 Relating to municipal refunding bonds.
  10:00 AM    HB 1421 Relating to township assessors
  10:30 AM    HB 1435 Relating to school bond issue elections.
  11:00 AM    HB 1322 Relating to township bonding authority; and to declare an emergency.
02/10 09:00 AM    HCR 3016 A concurrent resolution requesting the Legislative Management to consider studying the desirability of moving city elections from the primary election in June in even numbered years to the general election in November in even numbered years.
02/16 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
02/17 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/02 09:00 AM    SB 2106 Relating to the state radio fee system.
  09:30 AM    SB 2120 Relating to the definition for public contracts.
  10:00 AM    SB 2136 Relating to the appointment of housing authority commissioners.
  10:30 AM    SB 2334 Relating to the designation of memorial hall.
03/03 09:00 AM    SB 2264 Relating to providing notification of the report of death to the next of kin of the deceased.
  09:30 AM    SB 2265 Relating to qualifications of land surveyor interns and to regulation of land surveyors and land surveyor interns.
  10:00 AM    SB 2299 Relating to the members of the university of North Dakota school of medicine and health sciences advisory council.
03/09 09:30 AM    SB 2157 Relating to election by a city having a class I assessor to maintain its property assessment records.
  10:00 AM    SB 2171 Relating to the notice requirements for the sale of property at a public sale.
  10:30 AM    SB 2178 Relating to the infrastructure revolving loan fund; and to declare an emergency.
  11:00 AM    SB 2148 Relating to training for city auditors; and to provide an effective date.
03/10 09:00 AM    SB 2205 Relating to compensation of township elections workers.
  09:30 AM    SB 2152 Relating to public employment hiring practices and confidentiality of some applications.
  10:30 AM    SB 2238 Relating to employing as city employees members of city council or city commission; and to declare an emergency.
03/16 09:00 AM    SB 2280 Relating to city levy authority for emergency purposes; and to provide an effective date.
  09:30 AM    SB 2296 Relating to pledge of security in place of depository bond; relating to records of securities
  10:00 AM    SB 2340 Relating to fees charged by a county recorder for filing mortgage disclosures.
  10:30 AM    SB 2253 Relating to transfers of land between any federal, state, or local governmental entities; and to provide for retroactive application.
  11:00 AM    SB 2316 Relating to powers and duties of the state fire marshal regarding explosives, participation in the fire insurance tax distribution fund, submission plans for schools, aboveground petroleum storage tanks; disclosure of information concerning toxic or hazardous substances.
03/17 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee work
03/23 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/24 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work
03/30 09:00 AM    Committee Work Committee Work

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