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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Warner

Primary Sponsor

SB 2179
Relating to participation in presidential preference caucuses.
SB 2180
Relating to limitation on prescribing drugs by physician assistants.
SB 2420
Relating to child support determinations of income and support obligations and the establishment of a consumers of family services program.
Relating to the establishment of a legislative redistricting commission; relating to legislative redistricting and the term of office of senators and representatives.

Other Bills

HB 1174
HB 1193
HB 1207
HB 1274
HB 1275
HB 1281
HB 1372
HB 1374
HB 1379
HB 1399
HB 1417
HB 1488
HB 1514
HB 1515
HB 1540
SB 2069
SB 2158
SB 2168
SB 2214
SB 2245
SB 2266
SB 2278
SB 2394
SB 2411

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Total Bills Introduced — 31