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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Schneider

Primary Sponsor

SB 2238
A BILL for an Act to prohibit increases in tuition at North Dakota university system institutions; to provide an appropriation; and to provide an expiration date.
SB 2260
Relating to state matching funds for individual development accounts; relating to administration of the temporary assistance for needy families program; and to provide an appropriation.
SB 2388
Relating to an income tax credit for an employer maintaining payment of salary and related retirement plan contributions for an employee called to active military duty as a member of a reserve or national guard component; and to provide an effective date.
SB 2390
Relating to the establishment and development of certified technology parks.
SB 2400
Relating to the locations at which an infant may be abandoned.

Other Bills

HB 1184
HB 1185
HB 1272
HB 1291
HB 1323
HB 1333
HB 1334
HB 1336
HB 1377
HB 1421
HB 1440
HB 1452
HB 1545
SB 2190
SB 2219
SB 2303
SB 2386
SB 2427
SB 2441

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Total Bills Introduced — 26