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Sixty-First Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Dahl

Primary Sponsor

HB 1311
Relating to criminal history record information.
HB 1323
Relating to preparations for disposition at death; relating to duty of burial.
HB 1344
Relating to public deposits.
HB 1416
Relating to the power of the attorney general to issue administrative subpoenas for bureau investigations and the duty of criminal justice agencies to enter warrants into the central warrant information system; relating to registration requirements for sexual offenders and offenders against children.
HB 1434
Relating to endowment funds at institutions of higher education; and to provide an appropriation.
A concurrent resolution recognizing the North Dakota Council for the Social Studies as the official voice of and organization for social studies teachers in this state.

Other Bills

HB 1180
HB 1182
HB 1199
HB 1233
HB 1252
HB 1272
HB 1291
HB 1325
HB 1371
HB 1389
HB 1431
HB 1447
HB 1534
SB 2190
SB 2196
SB 2209
SB 2220
SB 2230
SB 2238
SB 2259
SB 2271
SB 2282
SB 2322
SB 2369
SB 2394
SB 2400
SB 2416
SB 2441

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Total Bills Introduced — 36