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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Hacker

Primary Sponsor

SB 2140
Relating to raffle prizes; declare an emergency.
SB 2155
Relating to suitability in annuity transactions; and to provide a penalty.
SB 2158
Relating to contractor licenses and unlicensed contractors.
SB 2195
Relating to telephone solicitations; declare an emergency.
SB 2196
Relating to disciplinary proceedings for a notary public; relating to notary commissions and to prohibited acts by a notary public.
SB 2204
Relating to immunity from criminal liability for consumption of alcoholic beverages by an individual under twenty-one years of age and mitigating factors for other individuals.
SB 2248
Relating to the luring of a minor by electronic means, persons liable for prosecution in this state, and the venue of certain offenses; to provide a penalty; declare an emergency.
SB 2262
Relating to the renunciation of criminal intent; declare an emergency.
SB 2284
Relating to exemption from process for proceeds of a wrongful death or personal bodily injury recovery; and to provide for a legislative council study.
SB 2333
Relating to a housing finance agency program to bridge the financing gap of new residential construction in rural communities; to provide for a report to the legislative council; to provide an appropriation; and to provide an expiration date.
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Council to study the feasibility and desirability of establishing a paternity registry.

Other Bills

HB 1141
HB 1216
HB 1217
HB 1222
HB 1240
HB 1270
HB 1291
HB 1294
HB 1302
HB 1357
HB 1366
HB 1402
HB 1422
HB 1436
HB 1474
HB 1480
HB 1487
HB 1500
HB 1507
SB 2138
SB 2145
SB 2166
SB 2182
SB 2193
SB 2224
SB 2255
SB 2264
SB 2268
SB 2293
SB 2301
SB 2321
SB 2356
SB 2371

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Total Bills Introduced — 45