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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Skarphol

Primary Sponsor

HB 1257
Relating to the payment of oil and gas royalties when title to the property producing the oil and gas is in dispute.
HB 1448
Relating to discrimination and unfair, unjust, or unreasonable charges and fees in purchasing natural gas; declare an emergency.
HB 1459
A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation for state agency and institution extraordinary repairs; to provide for budget section tour group review; and to provide for a report.
HB 1460
Relating to employee awards and incentive spending authority; relating to the workforce safety and insurance board membership; to provide for a legislative council study; and to provide for application and transition.
HB 1461
Relating to higher education information technology and powers and duties of the information technology committee; relating to the information technology department, information technology standards, and information technology plans.
HB 1486
Relating to participation by members of the legislative assembly in the uniform group insurance program.
Relating to the state board of higher education; and to provide an effective date.

Other Bills

HB 1237
HB 1318
HB 1497
SB 2178
SB 2297
SB 2333

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Total Bills Introduced — 15