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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Klemin

Primary Sponsor

HB 1195
Relating to use of identification numbers on game and fish licenses and permits; to provide an agency directive; and to provide a contingent effective date.
HB 1196
Relating to cell phone use by minors in motor vehicles; relating to the definition of a moving violation.
HB 1197
Relating to collection and testing of DNA samples for law enforcement identification purposes; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1224
Relating to changing expunged records to sealed records.
HB 1228
Relating to retailers providing refund claim forms to purchasers eligible for refunds of city or county sales, use, or gross receipts taxes.
HB 1333
A BILL for an Act to provide that expressions of empathy by health care providers are inadmissible in civil actions; and to provide for application.
HB 1340
Relating to publicly traded corporations; relating to the secretary of state's general services operating fund.
HB 1355
Relating to persons subject to DNA testing.
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Council to study the issues of fairness, equity, and the best interests of children as they relate to issues of child custody and visitation.

Other Bills

HB 1152
HB 1262
HB 1319
HB 1344
HB 1416
HB 1452
SB 2163
SB 2170
SB 2172
SB 2320
SB 2336

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Total Bills Introduced — 22