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Sixtieth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Brandenburg

Primary Sponsor

HB 1111
Relating to a North Dakota fire commission.
HB 1112
A BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation to the office of management and budget to provide matching funds for insurance to entities that provide volunteer emergency services.
HB 1192
Relating to an income tax credit for volunteer firefighters; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1233
Relating to assignment of a wind energy device installation tax credit; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1314
Relating to allocation of city sales tax collections to the home school district of a purchaser if the city allocates home rule sales tax revenues to a school district within the city.
HB 1315
Relating to electrical generation and transmission safety.
HB 1317
Relating to authority of the public service commission to adopt rules relating to decommissioning of commercial wind energy conversion facilities; relating to centrally assessed wind turbine electric generators; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1352
Relating to a ten percent weight permit for certain vehicles.
HB 1375
Relating to state political party convention statements; relating to campaign finance.
HB 1420
Relating to regulations by a board of county commissioners and by a board of township supervisors; relating to the designation of districts by a board of county commissioners and to the establishment of districts by a board of township supervisors.
HB 1444
Relating to payments for students participating in cross-border attendance.
HB 1496
Relating to prohibitions against increases in electric rates.
HB 1501
Relating to appeals regarding permits for livestock feedlots and other permitted facilities.
A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Council to study the manner in which railroads have obtained right of way and the procedures for disposition of that right of way upon abandonment or sale.

Other Bills

HB 1181
HB 1231
HB 1258
HB 1280
HB 1360
HB 1376
HB 1381
HB 1419
HB 1421
SB 2141
SB 2156
SB 2165
SB 2180
SB 2208
SB 2229
SB 2281
SB 2298
SB 2369
SB 2398
SB 2400

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Total Bills Introduced — 39