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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Robinson

Primary Sponsor

SB 2351
Relating to workers' compensation additional benefits for retired injured employees; and to provide for application.
SB 2368
Relating to organization number plates.
SB 2373
A BILL for an Act to provide for the implementation of a pilot program for the treatment of individuals who are chemically dependent on methamphetamine or other controlled substances; to provide for a report to the legislative assembly; to provide an appropriation; and to provide an expiration date.

Other Bills

HB 1054
HB 1063
HB 1065
HB 1179
HB 1180
HB 1190
HB 1191
HB 1324
HB 1335
HB 1354
HB 1355
HB 1372
HB 1483
SB 2191
SB 2196
SB 2207
SB 2210
SB 2325
SB 2341
SB 2343
SB 2348
SB 2403
SB 2404
SB 2408

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Total Bills Introduced — 31