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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Senator Espegard

Primary Sponsor

SB 2119
Relating to personal insurance loss history information.
SB 2167
Relating to the definition of security account for purposes of the uniform probate code.
SB 2179
Relating to domestic winery wine sales and special events; declare an emergency.
SB 2186
Relating to personal insurance loss history information.
SB 2208
Relating to motor vehicle child restraint systems.
SB 2216
Relating to complaints against telecommunications companies; relating to telecommunications regulation; relating to telecommunications regulation.
SB 2226
Relating to the power of school boards to lease property and dismiss certain personnel.
SB 2263
Relating to the field of membership of state-chartered credit unions.
SB 2264
A BILL for an Act to provide for a legislative council study of including payments for overtime and bonuses earned by employees for purposes of determining public employees retirement system contributions and benefits.
SB 2276
Relating to the purchase of qualified small issue bonds by the municipal bond bank and issuance of municipal industrial development revenue bonds by the municipal bond bank; and to provide program limits for the purchase or issuance of qualified small issue bonds or municipal industrial revenue bonds by the municipal bond bank.
SB 2354
Relating to charitable solicitations.
SB 2380
Relating to the use of safety belts; relating to secondary enforcement of safety belt violations.
SB 2382
Relating to examinations for cosmetology licensure.

Other Bills

HB 1060
HB 1203
HB 1210
HB 1213
HB 1229
HB 1236
HB 1256
HB 1260
HB 1294
HB 1336
HB 1340
HB 1363
HB 1418
HB 1427
HB 1437
HB 1478
SB 2067
SB 2158
SB 2165
SB 2204
SB 2205
SB 2233
SB 2251
SB 2255
SB 2258
SB 2261
SB 2265
SB 2270
SB 2273
SB 2274
SB 2307
SB 2333
SB 2350
SB 2391

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Total Bills Introduced — 50