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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Klemin

Primary Sponsor

HB 1064
Relating to the awarding of attorney's fees in cases removed from small claims court to district court.
HB 1216
Relating to the powers of the labor commissioner with respect to standards of conditions of labor.
HB 1235
Relating to which offenders are subject to DNA testing.
HB 1251
Relating to attorney's fees in frivolous cases.
HB 1273
Relating to limited partnerships; relating to limited partnerships and references to chapter 45-10.2; relating to limited partnerships and provisions for existing limited partnerships; and to provide a penalty.
HB 1277
Relating to electronic home detention and global positioning system monitoring for certain offenders; relating to the definition of official detention.
HB 1288
Relating to the performance of DNA testing under the Uniform Post-Conviction Procedure Act.
HB 1290
Relating to bail bonds.
HB 1386
Relating to alternative dispute resolution definitions; relating to alternative dispute resolution; and to provide an effective date.

Other Bills

HB 1330
SB 2167
SB 2199
SB 2257
SB 2265
SB 2370

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Total Bills Introduced — 15