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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Devlin

Primary Sponsor

HB 1179
Relating to a sales tax exemption for assisted living facilities; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1190
Relating to a moratorium on the expansion of basic care bed capacity.
HB 1191
Relating to a moratorium on long-term care bed capacity.
HB 1204
Relating to the North Dakota health care trust fund; relating to the government nursing facility funding pool.
HB 1286
Relating to the release of confidential records disclosed to another entity and the sequestering of competitors in a competitive selection or hiring process; relating to discovery in adjudicative proceedings, providing copies of records, fees for copies, release of bidding records, litigation and investigatory records, meeting notices, and violations.
HB 1468
Relating to administrative rules committee review of existing administrative rules.
HB 1469
Relating to expiration of administrative rules; relating to specific statutory directives for rulemaking authority of administrative agencies; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1470
Relating to the membership of the drug use review board and the prior authorization program.

Other Bills

HB 1058
HB 1181
HB 1197
HB 1206
HB 1209
HB 1222
HB 1229
HB 1252
HB 1322
HB 1332
HB 1337
HB 1408
HB 1410
HB 1431
HB 1459
HB 1460
HB 1465
HB 1482
SB 2192
SB 2199
SB 2214
SB 2256
SB 2287
SB 2288
SB 2289
SB 2293
SB 2301
SB 2340
SB 2345
SB 2394

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Total Bills Introduced — 41