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Fifty-Ninth Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Bills Introduced by Representative Brandenburg

Primary Sponsor

HB 1283
Relating to siting of energy conversion facilities; declare an emergency.
HB 1291
Relating to animal feeding operations and livestock auction markets.
HB 1292
Relating to the credit-sale contract indemnity fund.
HB 1331
Relating to weed control on land used for organic farming.
HB 1333
Relating to confidentiality of information relating to assessment of railroad property.
HB 1369
Relating to valuation and assessment of railroad property for property tax purposes; and to provide an effective date.
HB 1370
A BILL for an Act to provide for a legislative council study of railroad fuel surcharges.
HB 1481
Relating to a credit for installation of geothermal, solar, or wind energy devices under the simplified method of computing income tax; and to provide an effective date.

Other Bills

HB 1067
HB 1194
HB 1272
HB 1294
HB 1295
HB 1297
HB 1298
HB 1299
HB 1356
HB 1357
HB 1384
HB 1385
HB 1396
HB 1476
HB 1485
HB 1505
HB 1518
SB 2156
SB 2212
SB 2227
SB 2231
SB 2238
SB 2239
SB 2267
SB 2272
SB 2277
SB 2279
SB 2330
SB 2334
SB 2357
SB 2405

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Total Bills Introduced — 43