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North Dakota Legislative Assembly Then...and Now! - 63rd Legislative Assembly

The 63rd Legislative Assembly of North Dakota consisted of 94 representatives and 47 senators. It is assumed that 125 years into statehood most legislators were born in North Dakota, and therefore, records of birthplace have not been recorded in recent years as they were in previous years.

One hundred twenty-five years into statehood the important topics of longtime debates were once again revisited.  With the booming energy economy, the Legislative Assembly had plenty to debate during the session.  New taxation formulas for property, income, sales, and mineral production were all on the table with 54 of 124 introduced bills being passed.  The new formulas caused changes in the distribution of tax revenues, which translated into new legislation for education funding and the share to political subdivisions.  The topic of water, a perennial issue in the state, was the subject of 29 introduced bills.  Many sections of law were revisited to clean up and modernize.  After interim studies of Century Code Titles 4, 4.1, 36, and 39, the Legislative Assembly saw extensive bills to clarify areas of law relating to seed potatoes, branding, estrays, livestock dealers, and traffic offenses.  Keeping up with modern technology, Senate Bill No. 2018 allocated $1 million to the Department of Commerce to receive Federal Aviation Administration designation for an unmanned aircraft systems test site in Grand Forks and allocated $4 million to operate the site.  North Dakota received one of six designations from Federal Aviation Administration on December 30, 2013.  Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 4013 was passed to support the second U.S. Navy ship to carry the name of USS North Dakota.

Legislative session compensation today is $162 per calendar day and reimbursement for expenses during a legislative session are $1,569 per month.


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Photos courtesy of the State Historical Society and the Legislative Council