Title 33

State Department of Health

33-01General Administration
33-02Marriage Contract [Repealed]
33-03 State Department of Health
33-04Health Statistics
33-05Care and Custody of the Dead
33-06Reportable Diseases
33-07Licensing Medical Hospitals
33-08Licensing Addiction Hospitals and Related Facilities
33-09Certificate of Need for Expansion of Hospital Facilities
33-10Radiological Health Regulations
33-11Licensing of Emergency Medical Services
33-12Care of Tubercular Persons
33-13Mental Health and Retardation Service Units
33-14Purchase of Residential Care for the Mentally Retarded
33-15Air Pollution Control
33-16Control, Prevention, and Abatement of Pollution of Surface Waters
33-17Public Water Supply Systems
33-18Water Well Contractors
33-19Certification of Water and Wastewater Systems Operators
33-20Solid Waste Management and Land Protection Act
33-21Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Privies
33-22Practice and Procedure
33-23Public Health Laboratories
33-24Hazardous Waste Management
33-25Underground Injection Control
33-27Lake Restoration Program
33-28North Dakota Adult Abuse Programs
33-29Pool Facilities
33-30Environmental Health Practitioner Licensure
33-31Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics
33-32Rules Initiated by the Registration Division
33-33 Rules Initiated by the Food and Lodging Division
33-34 Petroleum and Fuel Products
33-35Revolving Loan Fund
33-36 Emergency Medical Services Personnel
33-37Epinephrine Administration
33-38State Trauma System
33-39Lodging Establishments
33-40DNA Analysis [Repealed]
33-41Tattoo and Body Art
33-42Tanning Facilities
33-43Nurse Aide Training, Competency Evaluation, and Registry