Article 43-02

Mineral Exploration and Development


43-02-01Coal Exploration
43-02-02Subsurface Mineral Exploration and Development
43-02-02.1Underground Injection Control Program
43-02-02.2In Situ Leach Uranium Mining Rules
43-02-02.3Surface Mining (Noncoal)
43-02-02.4Solution Mining
43-02-03Oil and Gas Conservation
43-02-04Natural Gas Well Status Determinations [Repealed]
43-02-05Underground Injection Control
43-02-06Royalty Statements
43-02-07Geothermal Energy Production
43-02-08Stripper Well and Stripper Well Property Determination
43-02-09Workover Projects
43-02-10Certification of Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Projects - Determination of Incremental Production
43-02-11Certification of Horizontal Wells, Horizontal Reentry Wells, Shallow Gas Wells, and Two-Year Inactive Wells
43-02-12Geophysical Exploration Requirements