Article 4-07

Organization of Human Resource Management Services


4-07-01Organization of Human Resource Management Services
4-07-02Salary Administration Procedures
4-07-03Classification Plan
4-07-04Compensation Plan
4-07-05Recruitment and Selection
4-07-06Probationary Period
4-07-07Working Hours and Holidays
4-07-08Working and Inclement Weather Conditions
4-07-09Transfers, Annual Leave and Sick Leave Hours
4-07-10Performance Management
4-07-12Annual Leave
4-07-13Sick Leave
4-07-14Funeral Leave and Honor Guard Leave
4-07-15Leave Without Pay
4-07-16Jury and Witness Leave
4-07-17Workers' Compensation and Leave
4-07-18Service Award Programs
4-07-19Disciplinary Actions
4-07-20Grievance Procedures
4-07-20.1Appeals of Employer Actions
4-07-20.2Appeals of Discrimination
4-07-21Alternative Dispute Resolution
4-07-22Merit System Vacancy Announcements
4-07-23Merit System Agencies and Veterans' Preference Documentation
4-07-24Merit System Applications and Appeals
4-07-25Merit System Examinations
4-07-26Merit System Registers [Repealed]
4-07-27Merit System Certificates of Eligibles [Repealed]
4-07-28Merit System Employment Status
4-07-29Merit System Internal Applicant Review [Repealed]
4-07-30Merit System Promotions
4-07-31Merit System Transfers
4-07-32Merit System Reclassifications [Superseded]
4-07-33Merit System Reinstatements
4-07-34Merit System Oversight and Audit Procedures
4-07-34.1Local County Social Service Merit Systems
4-07-36Training and Tuition Reimbursement