Article 33-04

Health Statistics


33-04-01Duties of the State Registrar
33-04-02 Duties of the Local Registrars [Repealed]
33-04-03 Duties of Subregistrars [Repealed]
33-04-04Birth Registration
33-04-05Infants of Unknown Parentage: Foundling Registration
33-04-06Delayed Registration of Births
33-04-07Delayed Registration of Death
33-04-08 New Records of Birth Following Adoption, Legitimation, and Paternity Determination
33-04-09Death Registration
33-04-11Extension of Time
33-04-12Correction and Amendment of Vital Records
33-04-13Disclosure of Records [Repealed]
33-04-13.1Disclosure of Records
33-04-14Copies of Data From Vital Records
33-04-15Fees for Copies and Searchers
33-04-16Persons Required to Keep Records