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Title 49

Public Utilities
Chapter Chapter Name
49-01 Public Service Commission
49-02 Powers of Commission Generally
49-03 Electric Utility Franchise
49-03.1 Franchise for Certain Public Utilities
49-04 Duties of Public Utilities
49-04.1 Actions for Bypassing, Tampering or Unauthorized Metering
49-05 Procedure on Regulation of Public Utilities
49-06 Valuation of Public Utility Property
49-07 Penal Provisions
49-08 Railroad Corporations [Repealed]
49-09 Acquiring and Transferring Utility Property
49-10 Fuel Rates [Repealed]
49-10.1 Railroad Regulation by Public Service Commission
49-11 Railroad Bridges, Crossings, Intersections, and Fences
49-12 Railway Stations and Station Yard Service [Repealed]
49-13 Railroad Safety Requirements [Repealed]
49-14 Freight and Passenger Service of Railroads [Repealed]
49-15 Regulation of Railroad Rates [Repealed]
49-16 Liability of Railroads for Negligence
49-17 Offenses Against Railroads [Repealed]
49-17.1 Rail Service Assistance
49-17.2 Regional Railroad Authorities [Repealed]
49-18 Motor Carriers [Repealed]
49-19 Common Pipeline Carriers
49-20 Electric Companies
49-21 Telecommunications Companies
49-21.1 Electric Transmission Lines
49-22 Energy Conversion and Transmission Facility Siting Act
49-23 One-Call Excavation Notice System
49-24 North Dakota Transmission Authority [Redesignated]

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