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Title 35

Chapter Chapter Name
35-01 General Provisions
35-02 Mortgages [Repealed]
35-03 Mortgage of Real Property
35-04 Mortgage of Personal Property [Repealed]
35-05 Crop Mortgages
35-06 Pledge
35-07 Threshing or Drying Lien [Repealed]
35-08 Crop Production Lien [Repealed]
35-09 Fertilizer, Farm Chemicals, and Seed Lien [Repealed]
35-10 Sugar Beet Production Lien [Repealed]
35-11 Farm Laborer's Lien [Repealed]
35-12 Mechanic's Lien [Repealed]
35-13 Repairman's Lien
35-14 Garage Keeper's Storage Lien
35-15 Miner's Lien
35-16 Lien for Service of Stallion or Jack [Repealed]
35-17 Agister's Lien
35-18 Hospital Lien
35-19 Innkeeper's Lien
35-20 Miscellaneous Liens
35-21 Release of Lien by Undertaking
35-22 Foreclosure of Mortgages of Real Property by Advertisement
35-23 Foreclosure of Mortgages of Personal Property by Advertisement [Repealed]
35-24 Well or Pipeline Construction Lien
35-25 Factor's Liens [Repealed]
35-26 Filing and Discharge of Federal Liens [Repealed]
35-27 Construction Lien
35-28 Federal Tax Lien Registration Act [Repealed]
35-29 Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act
35-30 Agricultural Processor's Lien
35-31 Agricultural Supplier's Lien
35-32 Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Lien
35-33 Self-Service Storage Facility Liens
35-34 Child Support Lien
35-35 Nonconsensual Common-Law Liens
35-36 Portable Storage Unit Property Lien
35-37 Oil and Gas Owner's Sales Liens

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