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Title 10

Chapter Chapter Name
10-01 General Provisions [Repealed]
10-01.1 Registered Agents Act
10-02 Organization and Perpetuation [Repealed]
10-03 Capital Stock and Membership [Repealed]
10-04 Supervision of Issue and Sale of Securities
10-05 Powers and Operation [Repealed]
10-06 Corporate Farming Law [Repealed]
10-06.1 Corporate or Limited Liability Company Farming
10-07 Transfer of Real Estate And Interests Therein [Repealed]
10-08 Religious, Educational, and Benevolent Corporations [Repealed]
10-09 Orphans' Homes [Repealed]
10-10 Cemetery Corporations [Repealed]
10-11 Fraternal Corporations [Repealed]
10-12 Mutual Aid Cooperatives
10-13 Electric Cooperative Corporations
10-14 Actions by and Against Corporations [Repealed]
10-15 Cooperative Associations
10-16 Dissolution, Revival, Insolvency, Suspension, and Liquidation [Repealed]
10-17 Foreign Corporations [Repealed]
10-18 Transfer of Shares of Stock [Repealed]
10-18.1 Uniform Act for Simplification of Fiduciary [Repealed]
10-19 Business Corporations - General Provisions [Repealed]
10-19.1 North Dakota Business Corporation Act
10-20 Business Corporations - Merger, Consolidation, and Sale [Repealed]
10-21 Business Corporations - Dissolution [Repealed]
10-22 Business Corporations - Foreign Corporations [Repealed]
10-23 Business Corporations - Administration, Reports, Fees, Effect [Repealed]
10-24 Nonprofit Corporations - General Provisions [Repealed]
10-25 Nonprofit Corporations - Merger, Consolidation, and Sale [Repealed]
10-26 Nonprofit Corporations - Dissolution [Repealed]
10-27 Nonprofit Corporations - Foreign Corporations [Repealed]
10-28 Nonprofit Corporations - Administration, Fees, Effect [Repealed]
10-29 Lost Stock and Transfer Books
10-30 Development Corporations
10-30.1 Venture Capital Corporations [Repealed]
10-30.2 Myron G. Nelson Fund, Incorporated [Repealed]
10-30.3 Future Fund, Incorporated [Repealed]
10-30.4 Technology Transfer, Incorporated [Repealed]
10-30.5 North Dakota Development Fund, Incorporated
10-30.6 Community Development Corporations
10-31 Professional Organizations Act
10-32 Limited Liability Company Act [Repealed]
10-32.1 Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
10-33 Nonprofit Corporations
10-34 Real Estate Investment Trusts
10-35 Publicly Traded Corporations
10-36 Nonprofit Limited Liability Company Act

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