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2013 Standing Committee Hearing Schedules

Legislative Assembly Of North Dakota

Updated 08:45AM on May 09, 2013

January 08, 2013 to May 04, 2013

Political Subdivisions  (Rep.  Johnson, Nancy) Prairie Room
Hearing Date Time Bill/Res.No Sub-Comm Description/Note
01/10 09:00 AM    Committee Work Organization and orientation
  09:30 AM    HB 1024 Administrative rulemaking notice publication
  10:15 AM    HB 1100 Class C emergency vehicles definitions
01/11 09:00 AM    HB 1065 District court involvement in county commissioner terms of office
01/17 09:00 AM    HB 1049 Relating to standards and guidelines for public safety answering points.
  09:30 AM    HB 1120 Relating to authority to issue mandatory evacuations during emergencies.
  10:00 AM    HCR 3001 Directing the Legislative Management to study issues related to development of group housing and crew camps, including infrastructure demands, health and safety requirements, regulation, and enforcement of regulatory violations.
01/18 09:00 AM    HB 1137 Relating to audits of occupational and professional boards.
  09:30 AM    HB 1132 Relating to property tax increase notices and property tax statements; and to provide an effective date.
01/24 09:00 AM    HB 1156 Relating to county home rule; and to declare an emergency.
  09:30 AM    HB 1157 Relating to county road machinery.
  10:00 AM    HB 1177 Relating to compensation of members of political subdivision boards and committees.
  02:15 PM    HB 1252 Relating to compensation of township treasurers.
  02:45 PM    HB 1193 Relating to appointment of a special commisioner to preside over removal proceedings and relating to proceedings to remove officials from office; and taking of testimony, appeals, and assessment of costs on removal proceedings.
01/25 09:00 AM    HB 1178 Relating to extensions of time for utility company reporting and applicable penalties and due dates for filing reports with the county auditor and tax commissioner; and to provide an effective date.
  09:30 AM    HB 1159 An Act to provide an appropriation to the state auditor for additional valnerability testing of state computer networks.
01/31 08:00 AM    HB 1207 Relating to notary stamps, the use of civil penalties collected by the secretary of state, and implementation of a notary public database; and to provide an effective date.
  08:15 AM    HB 1371 Relating to the asspointment of state's attorneys.
  08:30 AM    HB 1372 Relating to requirements for initiative, referendum, and recall petitions.
  08:45 AM    HB 1391 Relating to qualifications of city council members.
  09:00 AM    HB 1401 Relating to the date for the canvass of an election.
  10:15 AM    HB 1397 Relating to election offenses; and to provide a penalty.
  02:15 PM    HB 1265 Relating to the regulation of political signs by counties, cities, and townships.
  03:00 PM    HB 1238 Relating to delivery of absent voters' ballots.
02/01 09:00 AM    HB 1255 Relating to the publishing of all payments and obligations within city, county, and school district governing body minutes and proceedings.
  10:00 AM    HB 1256 Relating to requiring political subdivisions to submit budget information for inclusion in the state budget database website; and to provide an effective date.
  11:00 AM    HB 1325 An Act to provide a North Dakota‑Saskatchewan legislative exchange; to provide an appropriation; and to declare an emergency.
02/07 09:00 AM    HB 1213 Relating to the real property tax exemption status of a housing authority; and to provide an effective date.
  09:30 AM    HB 1225 Relating to property sales price disclosures.
  10:00 AM    HB 1339 Relating to compensation of recreational service district board members.
  10:15 AM    HB 1448 A BILL for an Act to provide free electronic access to state-funded research.
  02:30 PM    HB 1346 Relating to permitting a volunteer firefighter receiving compensation from a city to serve as a member of the city council.
  03:00 PM    HB 1427 Relating to review of fire sprinkler system plans.
  03:30 PM    Committee Action Committee Action
02/08 10:00 AM    HB 1242 Relating to property tax statement inclusion of information to identify the dollar amount of property tax relief provided through legislative appropriation; and to provide an effective date.
  10:30 AM    HCR 3005 Relating to initiated constitutional amendments.
  11:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action
02/14 09:00 AM    HB 1245 Relating to election recounts.
  10:00 AM    HB 1288 Relating to voting places.
  11:00 AM    HB 1441 Relating to the membership of the legislative management.
  02:30 PM    HB 1162 Relating to definitions for unclaimed property purposes.
  03:00 PM    HB 1149 Relating to emergency response to hazardous materials incidents.
  03:30 PM    Committee Action Committee Action.
02/15 10:00 AM    HB 1395 Relating to membership of the legacy and budget stablization fund advisory board.
  11:00 AM    HCR 3030 A concurrent resolution endorsing Taiwan's participation as an observer in the International Civil Aviation Organization and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  11:30 AM    Committee Action Committee Action.
02/21 09:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action
  02:30 PM    Committee Action Committee Actiion
02/22 09:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action
03/07 09:00 AM    SB 2056 Relating to the statewide automated victim information and notification system.
  09:30 AM    SB 2069 Relating to directing the legislative council to change the name of the developmental center at westwood park, Grafton, to the life skills and transition center.
  10:00 AM    SB 2128 Relating to fees and notice requirements of the county recorder; and relating to a failure to record in a foreclosure; and to provide for a legislative management study.
  11:00 AM    SB 2143 Relating to the investment of public funds.
  02:15 PM    SB 2174 Relating to the requirement that a public utility regulated by the public service commission provide advance notification of discontinuance of electric or gas service.
  02:45 PM    SB 2177 Relating to rent allowed for gaming machines.
03/08 09:00 AM    SB 2180 Relating to the issuance of building permits by townships.
  10:00 AM    SB 2259 Relating to historic preservation of state parks.
03/14 09:00 AM    SB 2270 Relating to the publication of advertisements for bids for public improvement contracts.
  09:30 AM    SB 2311 Relating to cash prize limits for raffles.
  10:00 AM    SB 2352 An Act to authorize the convenyance of real property owned by the state of North Dakota.
  11:00 AM    SCR 4013 A concurrent resolution supporting the second United States Navy ship to carry the name of our Great State - USS North Dakota (SSN-784).
  02:30 PM    SB 2246 Relating to audits.
  03:00 PM    SB 2308 Relating to the regulation of septic system servicing; and regulation of cesspools, septic tanks, and privies; and to provide a penalty.
03/15 09:30 AM    SB 2353 Relating to statewide integrated radio communication; to provide for a legislative management study; and to provide an appropriation.
  10:00 AM    SB 2183 Relating to qualifications of individuals circulating initiated or referred measure and recall petitions; and to provide for application.
03/21 10:00 AM    SCR 4023 A concurrent resolution directing the Legislative Management to study whether political subdivisions can become more efficient and effective to reduce costs to taxpayers.
  10:30 AM    Committee Action Committee Action.
  02:30 PM    Committee Action Committee Action.
03/22 10:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action.
03/28 10:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action.
03/29 10:00 AM    Committee Action Committee Action.

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